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Stereotype 08 Design (detail)

by Atsushi Suwa

skull penishead 1994 - photos by kiyoshi ikejiri

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Human fetal skull from Human Osteology 2nd edition by Tim D. White, Images by Pieter Arend Folkens.

The Wait by SatanicMomo on deviantART

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Jacky Tsai

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“Neurotic to the Bone” (self-portrait)

B/W film, long-exposure, hand-toned in dark room.

by Cyril Helnwein


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“Beauty and the Beast” by Cyril Helnwein by Cyril Helnwein on Flickr.

“Beauty and the Beast” from the Myths and Fairytales Series. This is a photo of my husband and I. Photographed in Ireland by my husband :) Cyril Helnwein

(via Art Blart - marcus bunyan black and white archive: circumnavigation, 1992/4)

Marcus Bunyan, Madonna and child, skull 1992-94


Nautilus painting by Josh Keyes Portland Oregon artist at Breeze Block gallery in Portland Oregon curated by Sven Davis of Arrested Motion Space//Form by hungryeyeball on Flickr.