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Christen Købke, The View of the Plaster Cast Collection at Charlottenborg Palace, 1830

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Fragment of the Face of a Queen, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1353–1336 B.C. (source).

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The Haunter of Chaos Idol

'Found among the many strange artifacts discovered inside the Church of Starry Wisdom before its demolition in 1947. This idol depicts the malignant entity known as “Nyarlathotep” showing attributes from a few of his thousand forms. The inscription on the creatures tunic has been deemed “undecipherable” by professors at Miskatonic University.'

Idol measures 7″ x 2″ x 2″

by JasonMcKittrick (Cryptocurium)


Kingsport Cthulhu Idol

'An idol of Great Cthulhu found in the town of Kingsport, Massachusetts after an ancient Festival of Yuletide'

Measures 6” x 2” x 2”.

by JasonMcKittrick (Cryptocurium)


NekoQeen 01 by *DensenManiya


NekoQeen01 by *DensenManiya

She always seemed to be dissatisfied. And she could not be satisfied forever. :: by 「電線マニヤ」 [pixiv]

Assemblages by Tom Ungerer, 1971-2006


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by CrisPySweeney

Mecha Fox

by Ellen June


Forest Doe

by Ellen June