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Childhood Memories II

Pen and acrylic on paper, 90 × 180 cm.

by Stinne Bo

Puck, at Twilight (2014)

Acrylic on canvas, 16x20 inches.

by kolaboy (Danny Malboeuf)

"Untitled", 2002

Engraved drawing on India ink prpepared board, 91,4 x 61 cm.

by Louise Bourgeois

꽃 피는 나무는 자기 몸으로 꽃 피는 나무이다 - The Flowering Tree

7” x 9”, Pencil on paper.

by Soey Milk

Talking with ghosts (2014)

by eikoweb (Federico Bebber)

DigitalRenaissance (2014)

by Leslie Ann O’Dell   

Eye to Eye (2014)

by RevolverWinds

Grand Practice by mitue

Erika Kuhn.

En Otoño, irremediablemente, uno siempre muere un poquito.

"In Autumn, and hopelessly, one always die a little bit."

Living Frequencies (2014)

by Aegis-Illustration (Mario Sánchez Nevado)