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Yukari Terakado

girl-16 by yukari terakado

(via sbramami)

F r a y

R o y a l

K e e p M e W a r m

O s m o s i s

W i l d e r n e s s


Lost in a Kingdom by Leslie Ann O’Dell



by Eugenia Loli


via: Mondorama 2000: Tu as touché la main de ton camarade

Source: Les Orages                                                               
Collection J’apprends tout sur…
Adaptation Américaine                                              
(Éditions Dargaud-1966)                                     
Illustrateur: Eddie Miller and Dal Holcomb?

H a r m o n y

A f f e c t i o n


Harmony and Affection by Leslie Ann O’Dell


Dead Everyday at Life

by Apolo Arauz

'set free (amnesia)' Bic biro drawing

by mark powell

C h o r e a

S h a d o w e d

L u r k i n g

G a s o l i n e


The Trials by Leslie Ann O’Dell


Open your mind by ~MrSithZam


by Natalia Sanabria