"Currents" & "and then I saw Colby on the Street and my fantasy died"

Cameron Stalheim 

Landfall (2009)

charcoal and pastel on paper | 50 x 38 in / 127 x 97 cm.

by Aron Wiesenfeld

Fred Lyon

Memory Box / 01

by Mária Szöllősi

This is Lee Miller’s Self-Portrait (ca. 1930).  She is seated on an upright chair, her body straightforward towards the viewer.  Miller covers herself below the waist with a tightly draped cloth, her partially nude figure made androgynous by her pose.  Miller’s arms are bent behind her head in angular points, as if to keep a protective distance.  Her gaze customarily avoids that of her spectators, as if confrontation would infringe her independence.


Hair Typography x Monique Goossens

Stunning typeface created with strands of hair.


hans bellmer


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Kelly Blevins Drawings

Artist on Tumblr, Facebook

Kelly Blevins is an artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who creates metamorphic illustrations with charcoal.

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