Ryan Duggan


Horst P. HorstSeafood Girl" from The Dream of Venus 1939

It’s Dali, perhaps the second-greatest artist of the 20th century after Duchamp.

When I was in Figueras over the summer, where Dali used to live, a waiter said of him “buen artista, mala persona”, “good artist, bad person.”

Dali was a Franquista.

I wonder if Duchamp was more sympathetic than Dali, he comes off as more sympathetic.


take off your mask

…the teeny compressed version…

Gabrielle Provaas, Amsterdam 1993.

portraits for ne-noi.ru project.

by Anton Marrast


use less useless words



Loki through the Looking Glass on Flickr.

Marina Abramović

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Altered State of Mind

by franz falckenhaus


The Liquid Cross

oil on board | 195 x 195.

by Josep Francés