Existence of Grandidier’s baobab. Duration: Hundreds to thousands of years

Adansonia grandidieri, sometimes known as Grandidier’s baobab, is the biggest and most famous of Madagascar’s six species of baobabs. This imposing and unusual tree is endemic to the island of Madagascar, where it is an endangered species threatened by the encroachment of agricultural land.

The long-lived Grandidier’s baobab is in leaf from October to May, and flowers between May and August. The flowers, said to smell of sourwatermelon, open just before or soon after dusk, and all the pollen is released during the first night. The tree is pollinated by nocturnal mammals, such as fork-marked lemurs. These lemurs move through the canopies, inserting their snouts into the white flowers and licking nectar from the petal bases, resulting in pollen being deposited in the lemurs’ faces.


maudelynn: Book cover photo of a cat with a girl’s face c.1965

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William Seabrook,  The Magic Island

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Silver dust in you, Black rivers in me / 2008

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Eyes by Saccstry

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photo by Théo Gosselin


Ivan Solyaev - Ilya Shkipin


rice counting exercise || pietro menditto
Participants will sit down at a table and count two different types of grain for six hours non-stop. The aim of performing this exercise is to develop endurance, concentration, perception, self-control and willpower. It will allow the public to stretch their physical and mental limits. Marina Abramovic Institute MAI, Milano Salone del Mobile 2014

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